There’s a reason behind everything

It’s true that this is an old saying but I still am and forever will be an ardent believer of this. The experiences I’ve had throughout my life have made be become a strong believer of this saying.

It all started was when I was in Grade 8 when I had to face an unpleasant incident at school with the Western Music teacher. The annual prize that I deserved for my performance at the term tests was going to be awarded to another friend from my class who recently joined the school and was the daughter of a friend of the Western Music teacher. I, who was head over heels in love with music, could not bear someone snatching away the prize I was supposed to win for my then favourite subject. I somehow revolted against the teachers’ authority with the support of my parents, but thereafter I lost all the interest in the subject and the teacher made sure that she was responsible for making me hate the subject every single day during the next one and half years.

Then came the time that we had to decide the optional subjects for O/Ls, and I was wise enough to choose English Literature instead of Western Music as one of my optional subjects. This in fact, I consider as the best decision I have made in my life so far. This simple decision became the sole reason for me to be in the successful position that I’m in today. 

It is important that everyone develops an optimistic perspective on everything in life and face life without fear and not let the bad times of life overshadow the wonderful times that are ahead of you. Make the unpleasant past your strength and face your present with a smile remembering that the best times of your life are waiting for you! 


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