Why are we the generation of “almost relationships?”

We live in a society where everyone is eager to get into a relationship but they end up being in “almost relationships.” Why I say so is because people are afraid of serious commitment. People are scared of taking up responsibilities. So they just “hook up” with someone and when they have had enough, they “break up” or they would stop communicating with the other person completely without even explaining the reasons to do so and that marks the end of it. In my opinion, people have become cowards! They are experts in flirting when dating online but as soon as it goes beyond that first step to calling or meeting up, they fail because all throughout the process of online dating they wear a facade in order to get the person they want, but once it begins to get serious, they begin to maintain more distance.

Some people become intimidated when the other person says they want to talk. The mere mentioning of the phrase “I want to talk to you” makes the other person alarmed. They might even end up not answering your phone calls or making excuses not to meet you. They might not even be polite enough to drop you a text and say why they couldn’t pick up the phone and say that they’ll call you back (mind you even if they say they’ll call you back, they won’t). For me, this itself is enough to give up all my perseverance because as a woman of high standards, if I let go of my ego to talk to some potential partner who is apparently interested in me, that itself is something that I rarely allow to happen. If that is not reciprocated and if the expected amount of attention is not given, that is more than enough reason for me to let go of that person because it’s all a matter of priorities. No one is ever busy to the point that they don’t have a few minutes for a brief chat session or a phone call.

No one likes to hear someone saying, “I had a fling with her/him” or “I had a thing with her/him.” People don’t have exes any more. They have people they “hooked up with” or as I said earlier, the ones they had “a thing” with. People have become desperate to show the world that they are capable of having “things” with another individual, but they never want to give into serious committed relationships. For one thing, people think it’s normal to “hook up” with someone and ” break up” when you are fed up of it. On the other hand people have lost faith in love because many marriages in the modern world fail so much so that divorce has become the easiest option available when you are fed up of living together with your partner. But we forget the reason behind this! All this comes with the failure and lack of communication. People don’t openly say what they want. Your partner doesn’t have telepathy! So speak up and try to work it out by communicating with each other! Today even marriage has come to the level of an “almost relationship.” People no longer take it seriously because it’s okay to get divorced or have  an extra-marital affair if you are fed up of your partner. Once you get bored of the relationship, you just walk away without even trying to find where it went wrong.

May be people like me are the idiots to think that everyone comes to you with good intentions. They will act it cool and show their best at flirting but eventually will turn out to be emotionless creatures who are in search of “almost relationships.” But we, who long for long-term, dedicated relationships are left disappointed because people are intimidated by the mere idea of a committed relationship, let alone being intimidated by a person who expects a serious relationship. At times I feel that people like me are fools for being such emotional creatures, but let’s be hopeful. Eventually we will find a similar emotional being with the same amount of effort, passion and dedication and they will take away our fears of “almost relationships.”


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