Dear University, I hate you now!

Uni has become real torture now! Not that it was any good before, but this year it has exceptionally become more torturous thanks to the relatively dumb assistant lecturers of the department. I have no problem with assistant lecturers taking up classes because I have met several people (from other departments of course) who are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and most of the time way better than senior lecturers in the way they deliver lectures. However, there’s a minority of these assistant lecturers who when given the opportunity to take up classes on their own under the minimum guidance of the main course lecturer who appears in class once a month or twice for the whole semester, try to put as much as pressure they could on the students. Firstly, they start with introducing a set of rules for the class. Then they go on to giving daily homework just like we used to get at school! I have no problem of being given homework but this is only about finding historical facts. I mean seriously??? You are teaching a bunch of undergraduates!!! You are supposed make them engage in intellectual discussions and not in by-hearting history lessons! Yeah I know you definitely are incapable of doing such discussions which again makes us wonder how these people can be accepted as academics. I seriously can’t imagine how you managed to get a secod upper if this was the way you studied for exams. Of course boot-licking has perfectly done its part but still you’ve got to realize that you are making a clown of yourself in front of the students who actually realize the folly! And then attendance and the endless numbers of spot tests and small assignments! I know you want to intimidate students and make them come for lectures because students are already aware of your incapability as a lecturer and you desperately want to show them that “look here! I’ve got all control over your grades. So you better come for classes and do all the work I do like a good boy/girl.” On the other hand you are extremely insecure! There’s not a single day you haven’t attempted at discouraging students from aspiring higher! Why so insecure if you are qualified in every way??? I truly am disappointed about all what’s happening at the moment. The best lecturer in the permanent staff of the department is also leaving the country very soon. Who will be left to deliver lectures for us? These dumb assistant lecturers?(I’m apologising for using this term because as I said earlier I’m referring to a couple of people only) Already I’ve lost interest in going  to uni and attending lectures. And let me give a big shout out and thank the assistant lecturers for succeeding in this! Yes you have succeeded in disappointing several individuals to the point of not giving a damn about the grades or the class because we are aware that you already have your own favourites who will end up getting better grades. Help us expand our knowledge and not confine us to a particular structure of thinking that you expect us to reproduce on exam papers! At least let us have some interesting lectures with well qualified visiting lecturers if the department lacks resource persons because we come here to learn new things and that does not include learning to think in the same thought of line as you do!


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