The Department of International Relations, it’s time for you to revive!


As we (all of us who follow IR as a major or a minor) know, most of the IR lectures these days are done by assistant lecturers due to (I suppose) the lack of senior lecturers at the department.I do not want to specifically point out the lecturers or the course units done by them, but these lecturers have been successful in making us detest the department altogether because of the pressure they exert on us during lectures. One thing, they are not capable of going into in-depth analysis of what they teach, which makes us wonder how they ended up getting second uppers (but then again the whole system has loopholes) because what we are repeatedly asked by the lecturers is to provide an analysis in our presentations, assignments and exam papers. But in reality, what is done by these assistant lecturers is providing us with background information which they have copy pasted into a PowerPoint presentation and give us random reading material to get into groups and summarize in class. The funniest thing is that when we present the articles to the class (mind you this is only a summary, not an analysis) that these assistant lecturers take down notes about what was there in the article they gave us. And then without going into a discussion on the article, they finish the lesson! And from what was said by a senior lecturer from the department, they are all aware of what is being done by assistant lecturers! They know that these assistant lecturers abuse their power which apparently has been complained by students of all years. Yet, they ask us to be passive and accept their ways of teaching because they are still inexperienced! Okay so let’s say they are inexperienced.But what keeps them away from being academic in their teaching? Why can’t they do a bit more of homework and get better prepared for the lecture? To be honest, I have seen amazing assistant lecturers at uni who perform exceptionally well, even better than senior lecturers with years of experience! But here we have lecturers who lie and try to show that they know everything and even intimidate students asking them not to ask questions if on that particular day a senior lecturer is coming to inspect them! This has become a passive learning process where more than half of the class begins to fall asleep as soon as the lecturer enters from the door. I personally don’t take any of the facts these particular lecturers say because I already have caught them lying about certain facts and I’m scared to learn new theories and concepts from them for the first time because there’s a high probability of them misinterpreting them. All of us go for these lectures for the sake of getting the marks for attention and class participation because the way of these assistant lecturers is to give surprise spot tests to give marks for class participation. And then you have “most favoured nation” theories applied at times when they treat the students in the class in different ways. Going for lectures has truly become torture now except for a couple of lectures done by visiting lecturers who are experts in their subject areas. I only have a couple of lecturers from the department in my profile whom I truly respect as lecturers and who I think deserve those positions as academics. So if you by any chance see this post please try to look into the matter and do justice to the students because I do not want to get involved in this personally since it will put my grades at stake and I can’t afford that to happen. As long as this situation persists in the department no student from the department would encourage another person to join it because the quality altogether has gone down! And the senior lecturer I referred to earlier mentioned the same and was implying that already the reputation of the department has begun to get tarnished. So it’s high time that the department takes this matter seriously do justice to us!

Note: I do not hold any personal grudges against any of the people I have referred to in this and I hope this won’t have any consequences on my grades.


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